This company is a leader in Russia in industrial output of natural products for health protection and promotion.
AKVION company engaged in the development and promotion of vitamin and vitamin-mineral complexes, cordials, remedy for vision correction, energotropic drugs.
«White Coal» is an innovative medicament which is recommended as a dietary supplement to the food ration as an additional source of enterosorbents.
Innovative products SPLAT help people to stay healthy and self-confident. A well-balanced line of oral care products will allow each customer to make a choice in accordance with their needs and recommendations of dentists.

Company FARMIN

Additional Liability Company FARMIN is one of the leading distributors of drugs and medical products in Belarus which is among the top five in pharmaceutical market of the country.

The company Farmin was founded in March 2000 and in a relatively short space of time has become one of the largest importers of drugs in the Republic of Belarus which built up a reputation of a reliable partner among suppliers and customers.

Currently, we are able to provide better opportunities of selling the production of your company in retail and hospital markets.

The company has a high-quality range of drugs from only the most reliable and reputable suppliers and the quality of our products has always enjoyed the confidence and wide popularity among our consumers. We work with the most complete range of medicines and pharmaceutical products - more than 5000 items. Also, we are constantly expanding our product’s portfolio and we are interested in making new profitable contracts.

We offer a great opportunity of promotion of your products, services or brand on the pharmaceutical market of Belarus.

Our objective
•    Become one of the TOP-3 wholesale commercial distributors in Belarus
•    Increase our pharmacy network to 100 outlets in Belarus
•    Build up a powerful distribution company complying with the needs of our customers in terms of a product range, price and sales policies, and promoting goods of our partner production plants to the greatest possible extent
•    Develop marketable brands of biologically active supplements and medical supplies under our own trade mark.

Our motto is to provide our compatriots with high quality production at a competitive price.

Presentation company Farmin