This company is a leader in Russia in industrial output of natural products for health protection and promotion.
AKVION company engaged in the development and promotion of vitamin and vitamin-mineral complexes, cordials, remedy for vision correction, energotropic drugs.
«White Coal» is an innovative medicament which is recommended as a dietary supplement to the food ration as an additional source of enterosorbents.
Innovative products SPLAT help people to stay healthy and self-confident. A well-balanced line of oral care products will allow each customer to make a choice in accordance with their needs and recommendations of dentists.

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Additional liability company FARMIN was created in March 2000. Over the past years, the company has become one of the largest importers of drugs in the Republic of Belarus and has gained a reputation of a reliable partner among suppliers and customers.

Output to any market is a complex and sometimes painful process even for large manufacturers.

Cooperation with Farmin allows to solve many problems easily and inexpensively. In many respects due to the network of pharmacies «Lubimaya apteka». A broad network of pharmacies and active horizontal linkages with other dealers in the country give an opportunity of rapid good saturation of several regions of Belarus at once.

We will not only introduce your product on the market, but we will also follow up the feedback by giving precise marketing sections on its realization issues.

A team of experienced logistics allows to deliver medicines, nutritional supplements, health products, curative and decorative cosmetics to more than 600 customers quickly and accurately. No delays and procrastinations - your product will always be on the shelves of our network of pharmacies «Lubimaya apteka» and in pharmacies of our partners.

At the request of our providers it is possible to sell in test mode, this approach will identify the most attractive forms of realization of goods and determine the main target group or region.

A contract with ALC Farmin opens up large-scale possibilities of advertising promotion of products.

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