This company is a leader in Russia in industrial output of natural products for health protection and promotion.
AKVION company engaged in the development and promotion of vitamin and vitamin-mineral complexes, cordials, remedy for vision correction, energotropic drugs.
«White Coal» is an innovative medicament which is recommended as a dietary supplement to the food ration as an additional source of enterosorbents.
Innovative products SPLAT help people to stay healthy and self-confident. A well-balanced line of oral care products will allow each customer to make a choice in accordance with their needs and recommendations of dentists.

advertisement and promotion

One of the priority directions of our company is to promote the products, supplied to Belarus by exclusive contracts, including the implementation of marketing strategy in accordance with the producer’s policy.

Posters and banners are placed in billboards (я так поняла, что панорамные окна-это рекламные щиты?) that is why the accessibility of information is much more higher - everyone who passes over the object could notice it. By means of this we could attain a broad participation effect of our product in the market.

The information which is placed on our sites forms a high degree of confidence of our product. One of our sites - is directed towards an ultimate consumer and the other - – towards corporate customer.

Cooperation with us will result in a reliable partnership. We are inclined to long-term fruitful relations.
The company has a promotion department, which includes 8 medical representatives (3 persons in Minsk and 1 person in each region) and the head of department.

The department works as a representative office: participation in seminars, conferences, advertising on TV, radio and printed matter, marketing and financial progress reporting to the factory.

Exclusive contracts provide the producer with the below
1.    Guaranteed execution of the agreed procurement plan
2.    Sustainable stock of products registered in Belarus
3.    Organized distribution pattern with wholesale and retail companies of all property categories, flexible customer approach
4.    Resolution of expiration issues
5.    Control of second sales
6.    Monitoring of the market and competitive environment
7.    Sales analysis and planning (annual, quarterly). Production planning at the discretion of a manufacturer. Planning of marketing activities.
8.    Coverage of the whole country by the Promotion Department. Department Manager and 9 medical representatives (4 in Minsk, 5 in the regions)

We are able to think flexibly and not only listen but also hear our partners.