This company is a leader in Russia in industrial output of natural products for health protection and promotion.
AKVION company engaged in the development and promotion of vitamin and vitamin-mineral complexes, cordials, remedy for vision correction, energotropic drugs.
«White Coal» is an innovative medicament which is recommended as a dietary supplement to the food ration as an additional source of enterosorbents.
Innovative products SPLAT help people to stay healthy and self-confident. A well-balanced line of oral care products will allow each customer to make a choice in accordance with their needs and recommendations of dentists.

IT- technologies

Today information systems are an essential tool for a successful business, which allow to obtain significant competitive advantages.

The dynamic development of wholesale and retail trade leads to improvement of competition between mercantile businesses, which, in turn, forcing businesses to increase their efficiency, which is largely depends on the level of information technologies of the company.

The department of Information Technologies and Software Development of the company «Farmin» is constantly expanding and improving the services, provided not only within the company, but also for partners.

On the one hand, the growth of requirements stimulates the development and introduction of new specialized software with advanced facilities, on the other hand, software developers regularly offer more sophisticated products, ensuring the effectiveness of management of many business processes in the company.

We are confident that the information system is an essential tool which allows to accept and evaluate the effectiveness opportunely both strategic management decisions and individual projects within business development.